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The Basics:

I’m a freelance game designer living and working in Chicago Illinois.  I recently started the company Important Little Games to do some educational game contracting and to build the game Codemancer.  I blog a little about game design at Gamasutra.  I also try to help the great game designers at ChicagoQuest whenever I can.

I’m also an amateur funny person.  I’m finishing up the improv program at the iO theater.  I’ve done a bit of standup comedy.  I’ve written some comedic screenplays in my time at NYU film school.  I often tweet in a humorous manner.

My Mission:

About three years ago, I realized that I’d like to build a video game, or set of games, that act as a perfect tutor in every subject.  It’s a dream inspired by the book The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.

I realize that it’s a big goal, verging on impossible.  I’m just trying to make baby steps, though.  If you’re interested in this goal, too (and I know many others are) please get in contact.  I’d love to hear from you.

The Details:

Check out my vizify bio for more detail.

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