I made two videos for a series called the Robot Village Video Podcast, which was meant to promote a robotics education center in NYC which unfortunately no longer exists.

Video Tutorials

Here’s a link to the other one.

These were made for movies done at NYU Undergraduate Film.  The face was remote controlled, the arm was preprogrammed.

Robotic props

A peek under the hood...

A colleague of mine started a business teaching kids how to build robots at birthday parties, etc.  The business is called Think Robot, LLC.  I designed the kits he uses, which are made cheaply and from off-the-shelf parts.  Here are some finished products:

Robot kits

This is a robot which learned to avoid obstacles over time.  It was built for a class with professor Ray Dougherty in the NYU Computational Linguistics Department.  I later donated it to Think Robot.

School project

Here are links to a few robot-related programs I published through the Wolfram Demonstrations Project:Forward Kinematics Inverse Kinematics